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Napster - Unlimited Access and Downloads
Amazon - Pay-per-song Service
iTunes - Pay-per-song Service

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Music Download Service Reviews

About Us

I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Bobby Bisciglia, singer / guitarist for the Montreal rock band Play The Angel and also owner and operator of Music Download Service Reviews. I started the site out with a few friends who shared the same love for music as I did and were some what affected by illegal music downloads.

As an artist, it's already hard enough to make a living with music. Having everyone download your songs for free surely doesn't help the battle. Whether big names or starting out artists, bands have to put in often times a good chunk of money and months to record an album so they could show the world the music they make. If they aren't compensated at all when a fan downloads the songs, that album is a lot harder to re-coup on costs and time put into it so making a follow-up album gets a lot harder. Making music is a love but if artists would make some money with it, a lot more of them could spend more time on creating music and having a music career instead of working 2 jobs to pay an album that people download for free.

I understood though that if people didn't really have access to information on how to download music legally, than we could complain all we wanted but it's not really the fault of all the downloaders so I put this site together in an attempt to educate music downloaders and hopefully persuade a few along the way to go with a legal music download service as opposed to 'stealing' music with a file sharing site or other means.

Putting this site together was actually very educating for myself and my friends since we really did our homework and tested each site inside out. A lot of time was spent reviewing each site thouroughly, contacting each customer service department, and trying to put together a rating system that was fair all around which I think we did a pretty good job of.

The point of the site was to educate users on where they can download music legally, but we also put together a few articles together covering some of the main issues with music downloads that you can browse through just to the right of this page.

I hope you find our website useful and if you are looking to download music, will do it with a legal site.

If you feel a site should be up (or not) on our site, or have any feedback or comments, we love hearing from anyone who took the time to check out our web site so feel free to contact us!

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